Camping Shower CG-1

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  • Use a small amount of water due to high pressure - Water is sprayed strongly, so you can clean contaminated parts quickly and cleanly with a small amount of water.
  • Large water reservoir - The ENERSHOWER is a large capacity portable shower that can hold a whopping 15L of water. Don’t worry about running out of the water!
  • Easy-to-carry movable shower - There is a wheel and handle at the bottom of the product so you do not need to be heavy and push it on the floor! Filled with water, it is easy to move even if it is heavy.
  • For camping, leisure, and home use - In the camping site, ENERSHOWER can be used to clean food, dishwashing, muddy hands and feet, cleaning tent supplies, and clean equipment that is dirty with leisure. It is also easy to clean your garden for household use and to wash your feet after a pet walk.
  • Used to wash contaminated outdoor equipment, not to be easily washed with weak water pressure.




Product Specifications

· Model Name : ENERSHOWER-CG1 (Authentication model name : EPSC15)

· Product name : Portable Shower machine

· Size : 16.3in X 9.2in X 14.7in

· Weight : 12.8lb

· Voltage : 12V(DC), 60W (Power Cable length : 118in)

· Pressure : 43.5 ~ 130.5 bar

· Capacity : 15L

· Hose length : 236in